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Here at TigerFert Limited, we aim to provide you with the best deal possible from start to finish. We pride ourselves in sourcing and supplying cheap alternative fertilisers to the UK, Ireland and Overseas that are £££'s below the current market. And with over 40 years' experience in the fertiliser industry we're the BEST at what we do!

TigerFert Limited was established in 2013 as a renewable Fertiliser company, this means that we specialise in re-using Industrial and Fertiliser products, that would otherwise go to waste, to create bespoke fertiliser. We examine every element within these products to establish how we can utilise them as a Fertiliser, either as a straight or mixing them together with other waste streams, to produce a usable product that is beneficial not only for your crops, but your wallet too!

Our in-depth understanding and years’ of expertise enable us to provide specific fertilisers for all crops in every season.

Releasing the potential from your crops.

TigerFert offer a portfolio of competitively-priced and renewably-sourced fertilizers to suit specific needs. Our most popular product is the exceptionally phosphate-rich Tigerphos 40% P205. We also make TigerK, a superb potash fertilizer, and produce a range of Tigerphos 40% P205 and potash blends to suit particular crop and soil requirements.

The range provides significant levels of readily available nutrients and trace elements, making it suitable for ALL kinds of arable crops and grassland.

We sell to customers both within the UK and Ireland and overseas.


Tigerphos 40% P2O5

A great British fertilizer naturally high in phosphate

Tigerphos 40% P2O5 is a sustainable and agronomically effective British fertilizer which is ideal for all kinds of arable crops and grassland. A screened gritty ash, it is naturally high in phosphate and originates from a renewable energy plant in the UK. It is also rich in calcium and a range of essential secondary nutrients.

Tiger Blends

The perfect blend for your crop

We supply a range of phosphate/potash blends rich in secondary nutrients.

Tiger Specials


Premium UK Potash

TigerK derives from straw fired biomass power stations. It is an effective British fertilizer naturally high in potash, and ideal for all arable crops and grassland especially potatoes and turnips.TigerK also contains a wide range of secondary nutrients and trace elements.

Tiger Specials

Seasonal products and special deals

Products currently available include sugar beet mixes, Cal Mag 27Mgo, and Cal Mag 65%.

Supplementary Fertilizers

Top quality supplementary fertilizers

Our supplementary fertilizers range includes agricultural salt, gypsum, and steelworks slag.

Tiger Specials

MagSul 18MgO 36So3

It’s an effective source of Magnesium and Sulphur

Suitable for all types of crops and soils, fast acting fertiliser


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Meat & Bonemeal (MBM)

MBM is a product of the animal by product processing industry.

TigerFert is part of the JG Pears Group of companies, who are one of the UK's leading processors of animal by-product and food waste.

The Group's processing plants are modern, hygienic, and use cutting-edge techniques to ensure that all material is processed via a bio-secure environment into finished products that are fully utilised around the world.

Across the Group, we operate under a net zero carbon footprint.

With TigerFert, we utilise the ash that comes off this process (Meat and Bonemeal Ash), as it has a high Phosphate content, which we can then turn into a fertiliser for farmers everywhere, we call this Tigerphos 34% P2O5.

Manufacturing Process:

  1. Cat 1 MBM is transported to the Group's Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facility for processing
  2. The waste is burnt at a very high temperature which turns the waste into a very fine ash ((MBMA) which is naturally high in phosphate), whilst providing direct energy to the plant as well as the national grid
  3. It is then ready to go out as Tigerphos 34% P2O5
  4. It will then be applied to the land across the UK, Ireland and Overseas


TigerFert is working in partnership with the owners who operate 3 straw fired Biomass Power Station. We’ve worked with the power station to utilise the fly ash for use as a fertiliser, which is naturally high in potassium, calcium and sulphur, we call this Tiger 25K.

Manufacturing Process:

  1. Straw sourced from local and regional farms is delivered to a Biomass Power Station
  2. The straw is transported to the boiler where it will be burned at a very high temperature
  3. The energy released is used to generate electricity for the plant as well as the national grid for everyone to use
  4. From the burning of the straw there comes a fly ash, which is naturally high in potassium
  5. It is then known as Tiger25K, and will be bagged and ready to be applied across the UK, Ireland and Overseas


Waste Solutions

Here at TigerFert we provide an array of environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions for your waste streams.

And not only can we help dispose of the waste you no longer need, we are able to re-use and recycle it into effective fertilisers that can be very beneficial for your crops.

What we can recycle and re-use:

  • Damaged Fertiliser
  • Off-Grade Fertiliser
  • Straw Ash – Link to page
  • Meat and Bonemeal Ash – Link to page



Fast and Reliable Service

We have a vast array of haulage companies we use on a daily basis throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. The range of vehicles we have access to includes bulkers, 8 wheelers, liquid and powder tankers. So whether you would like to collect your own goods or have it delivered straight to your door, we have it covered.


Skilled and Professional Application Service

We have a large range of Contractors throughout the UK that provide our customers with the best possible service available. They are friendly and helpful, and will listen to the customer’s requirements and offer their guidance where necessary.

Quality Assurance

Years of Expertise and Knowledge

TigerFert Limited can provide you with FACTS (Fertilier Advisors Certification and Training Scheme) qualified staff to offer advice, support and agronomy services when needed.  All of our technical advice is professionally delivered to help you to determinate the right fertilizer to suit your crops and conditions.

Biological Farming

Create a healthy biological foundation

What is Biological Farming?

Biological Farming is a chemical free approach to farming to sustain long-term productivity. It uses natural processes of the ecosystem to balance the soil and produce healthy crops, whilst reducing the use of chemicals.

It is a way of providing the soil with the nutrients needed for a healthy system, by using natural products, instead of synthetic fertilisers.

A good book to read is The Biological Farmer by Gary F. Zimmer

Why use Biological Farming?

Years and years of chemical and fertiliser use have left the soils biologically drained and the nutrients locked up and unavailable to the crop.

It addresses the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms, therefore making the land more beneficial for future generations.

Benefits of Biological Farming:

  • Increase in the quality of food being produced
  • Maximise the plants available nutrition = more nutrition available for livestock
  • Reduces inputs while increasing yields
  • By using natural products there is less run-off

Biological Farming products currently being used:

  • Lime
  • Dolomite

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